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Most creative people enjoy making objects with their hands. This can be just a pastime or could prove to be one the most interesting vocations ever experienced. There are no limits to the possible types of plaster castings which can be produced. Carve a model out of wood, mold one of clay or have a sculptor produce some special pieces. Another approach is to purchase small items in stores or novelty shops that lend themselves to duplication.

There are hobbies or businesses that can be started which require such a small investment of capital as is required for plaster casting.
There are four basic requirements that must be met in order to produce a saleable, attractive and durable plaster casting:

   1. A model of practical design;
   2. Correctly constructed molds;
   3. The proper grade of plaster;
   4. Proper finish (paint) on the casting.


Casting with plaster can be a most satisfying hobby, whether you buy just a single mold and make a few castings or go into production for a profit.If you are looking for an interesting hobby or a way to make some extra money with little investment, plaster casting holds a great potential.
We offer full range services for new construction interiors, renovation, space planning,  furniture wood works, floorings, paintings, color schemes, POP, and even upholstery work. We establish a relation with our clients and work accordingly to make their dreams into reality. Keeping the budget we ensure that the projects that we undertake are delivered on time. For us it will be a privilege working with you on your dream projects no matter how large or small.

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